Pattern Making Level 1

This course has only two students per class. The class is designed for both beginners looking to get started and learn the basics and those already experimenting with their own designs but feel they could benefit from professional instructions.

Course Project

This class covers the techniques of how to draft accurate and professional skirt patterns. Students will focus on the importance of proportion and accuracy in all aspects of pattern making process. This course is taught in a realistic time line. Don’t be fooled and think you can learn it all in just one session. This is why Im teaching each category separately. 

Course Work

First you will learn to draft a skirt block (sloper) and learn the principles of pattern drafting manipulation. Then you will develop creative skirt patterns by analyzing the stylistic evolution of lines and proportions. 

Course Outline

  • tools and terminology
  • figure analysis and measuring skills
  • drafting skirt block
  • draping and drafting techniques
  • create a wide variety of skirt designs



“Only two students per class or book private sessions”

Students should bring a three ring binder, mechanical pencil HB, eraser, scotch tape, sharp paper scissors and clear ruler. All other materials are supplied at the studio.


“Must have sewing skills”


“Only two students per class”


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