Private Pattern Making Level 2


This course is a continuation from pattern making level one. In this class students cover the basics of how to draft accurate and professional bodice blocks (slopers). Then students will learn the techniques required for drafting fashionable bodice tops and blouses.

private 2 or 3 hour sessions

Focusing on the importance of proportion and accuracy in all aspects of pattern making process. Students will continue to create a bodice block (sloper). While learning the professional techniques required to create beautiful fashionable patterns.

Course Outline

  • tools and terminology
  • figure analysis and measuring skills
  • drafting bodice block (sloper)
  • dart manipulation
  • drafting techniques
  • draft a variety of fashionable tops and blouses


$50.00 per hour “Please contact the studio to register prior to payment”

Students should bring a three ring binder, mechanical pencil HB, eraser, scotch tape, sharp paper scissors and clear ruler. All other materials are supplied at the studio.


“Must have sewing skills”


“Contact studio to pre book ”

“Private sessions are available”

Please pre book your private session
Please contact studio prior to paying