Private Introductory Sewing

tumblr_mz910ywfei1rpqkdzo1_500This introductory sewing class is an excellent start for beginner sewer or frequent dabblers looking to increase sewing skills or those building a portfolio for acceptance into a fashion design program.

2 hour private session for 8 weeks

In this private class setting you’ll take part in a hands-on demonstration, developing your sewing skills and learning techniques specific to your class project.

Course Outline

  • Sewing terminology
  • Personal measuring and fitting
  • How to read your sewing pattern
  • Warp and weft pattern placement for woven fabrics
  • Marking and cutting skills
  • Sew with straight stitch, zig zag and over lock machines
  • Learn a variety of seam finishes
  • Couture darts and zipper installation
  • All about interfacing (fusing)
  • Proper pressing and use of a variety of pressing tools


$650.00 “Please contact studio to register prior to payment”




“Contact the studio to pre book your private session”

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